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Spaecio is a brand which delivers more than just products and services it cherishes the talent of its customer. It builds trust and gives the luxury to experiment with a home-like feeling to live upon. It is a second home for those who want to bloom their career with personal clients. 

We are looking to make our spaces very minimal and spacious yet very functional. We created a clean design language throughout our spaces and aim to provide the clients with a feeling of being in the living area of their home and not a salon. Aiming at the behavioural aspect we want the clients to get relaxed while entering a salon, we want them to be themselves and enter the space thinking they’re home.


To create a brand which encourages Mua's & Hairstylist to trust a space which delivers services and products.


Created a Brand called Spaecio which delivers trust and luxury to experiment with a home-like feeling to cherish.

Hospitality is our first & foremost priority

With an aim to create a brand which speaks about the necessity of expressing oneself. Spaecio is a minimal elegant personal suite made just for you to express your passion & bring your dream workspace into reality.

Hospitality is our first and foremost value. 
We provide a helping hand in maintaining your new home. Service area client waiting area and restroom sanitation are on the house. Get ready to shower yourself with Complimentary beverages and client hospitality. 







Spaecio provides spaces and services to the MuAs and Hairstylists at a cost at which they’d rent a chair. Since space is all theirs it allows them to attend their clients with the freedom and express their work without restrictions. The clients of MUAs and hairstylists who visit them go out to avail such services to refresh and rejuvenate, which is what we provide them. An experience that would help them rejuvenate and refresh.

Services which deliver freedom

Our product and services

The products are the extension of the brand which conveys the premium comfort to you. The space we provide is your second home and place for you to grow your work upon. Take this opportunity and grind to the top with US.

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