Straight out of Japan, packaging designed for Italian local young adults.




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Tip your glass and join us tonight to experience the unique story of Yona Yona Ale. It begins with the citrus-evoking aroma of cascade hops, followed by balanced sweetness and bitterness of caramel malt gently satisfying the palate. The aroma lingers even after travelling down the throat, and the “returning aroma” through the nose will leave you feeling relaxed.

Yona Yona よなよなエール means "every night" in Japanese. Every night to spend the time with yourself or friends to enjoy the life you are living. Japanese culture cares a lot about the way of living & it shows in its products too.


To create packaging for Italian local alcohol consumption market, so that the product adapts the surrounding its living in.


By studying the Italian packaging and graphic design background. New packaging was introduced for young Italian adults to cheer on.

A chilling can of happiness 

Our product and services

This version focuses more on the aspect of the logo which resembles the origin of the country. The gold color signifies the premium feel & gives the can a mark to differentiate from other competitors on the shelf.

Black is the new premium.

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Version 2 is a modern version of the original can design used in Japan. The gold strip is constant in every version for it to be maintained in the brand language. The "ogni note" means "every night" in Italian.

Embrace the new change.

Our product and services

As the new design is released people mostly tend to hate it because it disrupts user-flow of consumption of that product or service. Eventually, after a time people get used to it, they embrace the new change. The standard design is a safe design option but it does not bring any innovation in future.

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