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Zuff is a brand designed to deliver the essence of comfort and luxury by maintaining the attributed characteristics of animal Okapi; which is found in the Congo region of South Africa. Also known as the African Unicorn. This is an international company, which creates premium class Hybrid Bicycles. It is created in terms of delivering the righteous way of experiencing comfort & luxury while cycling.


Characteristics assigned to the brand are the unnoticeable rapid moment by the animal and having a very low social life, which gave birth to the product as Luxury Hybrid Bicycle. 


To take a rare/ endangered animal into consideration and create a hypothetical brand around it by involving the characteristics of that animal into the product or services!


Created a Brand called ZUFF by maintaining the characteristics of the animal called OKAPI which lives in the congo region of South Africa a.k.a African Unicorn & also creating a social campaign which helps to donate money for this endangered species 

Expressing emotions in a righteous way!

With an aim to create a brand which speaks the essence of luxury and comfort for the user to be treated in a righteous way. Characteristics of the Okapi sets the fundamental base of characters for this brand to exist. To enhance the experience for the site, curation of photographs, colours and typography are laid out to infuse the immersive and emotive moments.

Our primary

values are your luxury of comfort

As the year passes by many brands start focusing more on to the product perfection and ignores the precious buyers/ customers. Our prime objective is to deliver the luxury of comfort to our customers with premium services and products designed for them with them.


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